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Icom Transceiver IC-7851

Varenr.: IC-7851

Icom Transceiver IC-7851
Icom Transceiver IC-7851
Icom Transceiver IC-7851
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In time for the 40. anniversary of the company, Icom introduced the IC-7800 in 2004. Ten years later this top of the line transceiver was reworked as IC-7850 and offered in a limited edition for the 50. anniversary of Icom. Later this transceiver became the current top model if Icoms shortwave transceivers - the IC-7851.

Contesters and DXers are always looking for that competitive edge to magically pull out the weak signal that is either the rare country or multiplier they need to climb up the list. Larger antennas, higher gain pre-amps and other devices in line are great. However, what happens inside the radio with all those signals coming down your feedline can defeat all your efforts.

With the design of the IC-7851, Icom's engineers focused on a new Local Oscillator (LO) that drastically reduces the phase noise. As a result of this design, the purity of the LO achieves a Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range (RMDR) of 110dB. In addition to the incredibly clean LO allowing you to hear the weak signals, the new spectrum scope design enables you to see the weak ones! Faster processors higher input gain, higher display resolution and a cleaner signal from the receiver's LO will give you a new window into the RF world. Adding this performance and functionality for both receivers give you a dual scope portal.

We refrain from presenting this exceptional radio in all details, Icom does a much better job with their brochure of the IC-7851.

  • Included in shipment
  • IC-7851 Transceiver
  • Handles
  • SD memory card
  • 240V power cord
  • Spare fuses, connectors
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