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DMU-2000 Data Management Unit

Varenr.: DMU-2000

DMU-2000 Data Management Unit
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DMU-2000 Data Management Unit til FT-2000

The DMU-2000 is an optional device for the FT-2000 and offers some very useful functions. For operation of the DMU-2000 a SVGA monitor is required (not included). Furthermore some functions require a computer keyboard (not included).

Spectrum display: This display offers a quick overview of the selcted band, bandwith can be choosen between 25kHz and 2.5MHz.

  • Audio scope: Offer audio analysis functions of the transmitted and received audio signal, waterfall display for digital modes etc.
  • SWR display: Over a selected band the SWR is measured and graphically displayed. Further some vital parameters like PA voltage, current, temperature etc. can be displayed.
  • Memory management: Shows the 99 internal memories, offers edit of memory names etc. (requires keyboard)
  • World clock: A world map with daylight zone displayed, ideal for greyline DXing. Alarm clock for your next sked.
  • Rotor control: Supports various Yaesu rotors. The screen shows a great circle map (beam map) centered on your home location.
  • Log book: With the optional keyboard a comfortable logging is possible directly to the transceiver and DMU-2000. The log data can be exported later to a CF memory card (supplied) in various formats (Cabrillo, ADIF, CSV, TXT).
  • Menu Setup: The usual menu setup can be done also with the DMU-2000, offering a comprehensive view of all options of the FT-2000 transceiver.

Note: Before starting to use the DMU-2000 the supplied scope unit must be installed in the FT-2000 transceiver. If required we can install that board for you.

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